Miss Julie, Clarissa, and John



Angry Black Man Poetry


January 2009, Wheeling Jesuit University
February 2009, Teatr Śląski, Katowice, Poland

A chronicle of the Polish production by cast member Carter Redwood.

I Nipoti


March 2009, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

Playwright's Notes

Halfway through writing this play the reality that there was a real possibility that a man of African decent could become our next president became more and more apparent. With that in mind I wondered how would the world's opinion of people of color change and how would this new world view affect not only this Culture Clash series and myself, but playwrights of African decent. Would our plays have to be labeled as period pieces? Pre Obama, post Obama?

I set the script aside for three months while thousands of thoughts roamed in and out of my conscious.

I finally returned to it fully dedicated to what the mission of the Culture Clash series is, which is to bring cultures together, here under one roof, to sit and laugh and cry, to rejoice and most importantly to learn about and from one another.

I dedicated this play to, well this is what it says in the script. "For the many wonderful and talented actors from my home town of Pittsburgh, whose mere appearance and nuanced approach to their craft, assist me in envisioning all of the theatrical possibilities that exist within our collaboration."

I hope you enjoy the evening and leave this place with some hope and belief that this country does have the possibility of a bright future. I certainly do. Oh, and just for the hell of it, go up and introduce yourself to a stranger at intermission. Shake hands and expand your repertoire.


Mark Clayton Southers

James McBride


September 2007, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

The Exile of King Harold


October 2006, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre



May 2006, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

Legal Alien


December 2005, Bricolage Production Company's B.U.S., a 24 Hour Play Festival

Nine Days in the Sun

Won 2012 AAPEX Angel Effective Playwright Award and 2012 AAPEX Angel Masterpiece Award from African American Playwrights Exchange


May 2005, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre
October 17 2011, African American Playwrights Exchange, Metro Parks Theatre Department, William Jenkins & Mary Coleman Theater Project, Nashville, Tennessee (staged reading). See video excerpts of two scenes. More press.

The Cure


October 2004, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

The Girls From Kankakee


October 2003, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

Ashes to Africa


2001, Dayton Playhouse Future Fest
March 2003, Kuntu Repertory Theatre
May 2008, Ensemble Theatre, Houston
September 2011, Moja Festival, Art Forms and Theatre Concepts, Charleston, South Carolina

When the Water Turns Clear


May 2001, ETA Creative Arts Foundation, Chicago
September 2003, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

Ma Noah

Published in Best Black Plays: The Theodore Ward Prize for African American Playwriting, edited by Chuck Smith, Northwestern University Press

Theodore Ward Prize for African American Playwriting
First-Place Winner 2003-2004


February 2004, Columbia College Chicago Theater Department
October 2004, New Horizon Theater, Pittsburgh
February 2012, Stockton Performing Arts Center, Pomona, New Jersey
April 2013, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre